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Landscape Design

All work is completed over the internet

3D Online Landsacpe Design
Before Picture Landscape Design

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Which services are you looking for?


Why you want a landscape design?

You save money

  • Installing a new landscape without a plan may result in disappointment if the end results don’t match your expectations. It can also lead to higher installation costs due to change orders, modifications, and rework.​

Work with a professional

  • I work closely with you to create a personal and customized design that is best suited to your home, lifestyle and unique set of wants & needs.  I provide guidance, an artistic touch, and a comprehensive plan of action, while keeping your best interests at heart.  

Are you looking for a landscape designer to help you bring your ideas to life?

 Meet your expert landscape designer

Mario Basara 


What are other customers saying? 

3D Online Landsacpe Design

"Mario knocks another one out of the park! When working with clients on designs, you know the first shot is always a draft. Mario's ability to listen, ask practical and realistic questions while providing thoughtful and useful feedback made this a one shot deal. So proud of the final product, the clients loved it - we captured their vision perfectly. Thanks again, Mario!"

Elnore A. / West Coast Tropical / April 28, 2022 - May 12, 2022

How does it all work?

  • Take Pictures

  • Tell me what you want

  • Schedule a FREE consultation

  • As many revisions as you like

  • On average designs take from  2-5 weeks

3D Online Landscape Design
  • You can now Install

3D Online Landscape Design

How much is it?

Each project is priced separately.  After your FREE consultation, within 24 hours you will receive your price.

Ball Park Prices

$500 or less
  • Small Design

  • 1-2 Revisions

  • 3D Pictures

  • Landscape Plan

3D Online Landscape Design
$500 - $2000 
  • Medium Design

  • 2-4 Revisions

  • 3D Pictures

  • Landscape Plan

  • Planting Plan

$2000 +
  • Large Design

  • 4+ Revisions

  • 3D Pictures

  • 3D Video/s

  • Night-time Photos

  • Landscape Plan

  • Lighting Plan

  • Irrigation Plan


How do I start?

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