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About Us

Green Dream Designs is a landscape design studio of Mario Louis.  Thats me.  I  believe that my job is to bring your landscape to life before you ever break ground.  I believe in a a creative relationship between client, landscaper, and landscape.  I have the self proclaimed eye for detail and a passion for hard work, i work together with my clients to ensure that every aspect of their desire for their outdoor space comes to life.

I'm a premier Landscape Designer since 2006, I specialize in Low maintenance, green spaces that are enjoyed by all. I treat everybody like a family, I bring all my unique skills together. From residential to commercial spaces, I approach each project with love and care.

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About Me

My story begins as a small child watching my family landscape their own houses and helping them anyway I could.  My mother and father we're a great team and had the chemistry that made landscaping fun.  My family never had enough money to hire a landscaper.  Hard work turned into a labor of love and over the years I fell in love with working with my hands, getting dirty and sitting back and enjoying the spoils.  I like to call this the school of hard knocks.  I didn't realize it at the time but i was gathering all the skills necessary to help others with their landscape.  I offically began Green Dream in 2006 and I have been landscaping ever since.  As of 2022 i'm putting down the shovel (temporairly) and focusing on my online landscape design studio.  I wanted to work as i travel around the world with my wife who I can't thank enough for pushing me to do this.   Peace, Love & God Bless

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